Jon grew up in a nominal French-Canadian Catholic home. Mass attendance was limited to special occasions like Christmas and Easter which were never satisfying for him. In hopes of finding a more spiritual experience he began to serve the Catholic church as an altar boy. Jon faithfully served every Sunday he was able to but yet this still didn’t give him what he was looking for. 

Feeling like he was unable to find God in the church, Jon rebelled and turned to the typical teenage party life filled with alcohol and drugs. This lifestyle lead Jon down a path of depression and regular suicidal thoughts. Living a life of hopelessness and somehow knowing that God was the only one that could help him Jon turned to the only christian friend he had. For two years this friend prayed for Jon and told him about the love Jesus had for him, encouraging Jon to give his life to Jesus. 

One night after leaving a party with some friends Jon knew that he had to turn to Jesus, otherwise things would be much worse. At this point, Jon was having suicidal thoughts, hearing audible voices (demons) telling him to kill himself and that no one would ever love him. In a moment of extreme desperation Jon told his friends he was going to give his life to God and that they needed to do it as well. Jon then began to preach to himself and his friends about the Gospel, which was his first salvation message.

After sharing what was burning in his heart Jon simply cried out “GOD, IF YOUR REAL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT” and at that very moment something supernatural happened. It was like a hand had reached down inside of Jon and pulled something out. Instantly he was sober and could no longer hear the demonic voices speaking to him. Jon was set free from all demonic oppression. 

Since that day Jon has never looked back. He goes forth preaching the gospel, praying for the sick and restoring the heart of evangelism back into the church.